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Manimahesh Darshan Yatra - Our Manimahesk Kailash Darshan Experience

Manimahesh or Manimahesh Kailash is one of the 5 Kailash or Kailasa. Kailash is said to be the abode of Lord Shiva. Manimahesh Kailash is also known as Chamba Kailash. Here is the list of all 5 Kailasa (where lord Shiva lives)

  1. Kailash Mansarovar
  2. Manimahesh Kailash
  3. Adi Kailash
  4. ShriKhand Kailash
  5. Kinner Kailash
I've posted once about Manimahesh Kailash and I plan to post about other 4 abodes of Lord Shiva in future. Last month we planned for Mani Mahesh Yatra and when we checked the yatra schedule there were still one week lest, so we planned immediately and researched online for all the information we can get about the Yatra and this was goind to be first time experience of the Yatra. I even called my friends Govind Chuhan and Rajinder Chauhan who are from Bharmour, Chamba and are the local who trek to Mani Mahesh often. Manimahesh peak is around 26 kilometres from Bharmour.

After taking guidance from friends and the research, we did the necessary shopping. Here is the list of some important items that you must take with you:

  • Rain coat
  • light woollen cloth like Jacket, woollen socks, cap, gloves etc. You might not need those during the trek but if staying in the way or at Manimahesh lake you'd need those as its cold there and weather keeps changing. Till Bharmour or even Hadsar weather would almost be same as  in the summers or monsoon in any place in India
  • Necessary medicines
  • Mushaki Kapoor: Keeps some packets of mushaki kapoor in you packets. These are helpful when you might have some problems in breathing. Just open the packet wrap the tablet  in a cloth like handkerchief and take it close to your nose and you'll feel relaxed breathing. Also keep some medication with you if you;ve breathing issues like Bioline, Asthaline etc as recommended by your physician.
  • Water bottle: No shortage of water is there just carry a bottle in case you don't mind drinking water from springs or rivers. Also mineral water is available in the way in the tent shop set up by the locals. Though they would cost little above the MRP but it is justified by the hard conditions. No need to worry about food, there are lots of free langar seva in the way till the Manimaesh lake
  • Glucose, candies
  • Camera - You don't really want to miss to catch the picturesque beauty of this place in your camera.

We even purchased some apples and cucumbers from the locals and Bharmour and trust me those were the juiciest and tastiest fruits I ever had. These fruits energised us on the way.

Now let me tell you about the Manimaesh Kailash Darshan Yarta.

One you've packed your baggage you need to reach Chamba in Himachal Pradesh. Chamba is well connected by Bus route. Nearest railway station in Pathankot which is about 100 km from Chamba. You can take a taxi or bus to reach Chamba.

At Chamba you can visit the Laxmi Narayan temple and famous Chamba Chaugan. Its believed that Lord Shiva stayed at Chaugan some times, before he created Mani Mahesh Kailash to say after his Marriage with Goddess Parvati.

From Chamba you need to reach Bharmour and once again you can take a taxi or bus service to reach Bharmour. It can take from 2- 3 hours to reach Bharmour. Once you reach Bharmour you need to visit Bharmani Mata temple and Chaurasi Temple. MAniMashesh kailash yarta is considered successful only if you visit and seek blessings of Bharmani mata.  Bharmani Matatemple is located at a beautiful place at some height and this place is like the one you have seen in movies. Very picturesque place. There you can take a dip in the lake and then proceed to Chaurasi temple.

At Chuarasi temple (84 temples) you'll find a festival environment. There are various temples like the temple of Lord Shiva,  Nandi Ji, Lakshna Mata, Old Bharmani Mata place, Lord Ganesha, Lord Narsingha, Chitragupta, Dharamraj and the 2 and half steps. Please note that the Dharamraj temple and the Chitragupta temple can be found at Chaurasi only, there is no other temple of both in the world.  Please note that Bharmour is somewhere located very near to Swarg (Heaven), the 2 and half stepa OR dhai paudi, temple of Dharam Raj and Chitragupta are some signals that this place is near to the actual Swarglok. 

From Bharmour, after seeking the blessings of Bharmani Mata, Lord Shiva and Chaurasi temple lords, you need to reach Hadsar, which is again reachable by bus or taxi (many pilgrimage cover this part of journey by foot as well).  From Hadsar the remaining journey of around 13 km is by trek or you can take a pony (horse ride).  Coolie facilities are also available. We decided to trek but we hired a coolie named Lal Singh to carry our luggage.

Please be assured that you get a lathi (stick) as is makes the journey and trekking easier. The path is well maintained and marked, you'll see pilgrimages chanting Jai Shankar, Bhole Shankar and Bhum Bhole etc.

Alongside the path you'll find langar sewa (free food service) by various organisations. Local shopkeepers have also set up tent shops in the way. So you can purchase cold drinks, fruits, tea, water etc. I very much appreciate both the langar seva and local shopkeepers without whom the journey would be very difficult. Thanks to them for providing the night shelter, food and eateries etc. God bless them.

A majority of the journey is along side a small river called Manimahesh Ganga that originates from Manimahesh lake. We make our first night stoppage at Dhancho which is around 6 kilometres from Hadsar. We had the dinner, stayed in the tent shelter.  Since sunsets earlier, we had a god sleep and decided to start our journey early in the morning.

At Dhancho you can find a beautiful waterfall. Its said the Lord Shiva hid here when Bhasmashura was chasing them. Some people also believe that this waterfall is the gateway to the Vaikuthna (abode of Lord Vishnu).  From Dhancho the trekking gets little hard as height increases. There are two routed from Dhancho, one is traditional old route via Bandar Ghati which is a tough to trek. The route is relatively easier and our coolie cum guide recommended to take the easier route.

After a trek of 2-3 kilometres you'll find a place called Shivji ka Gharat (water mill of Lord Shiva). This is a rock where you can hear the voice of water flowing with voice that comes from the water mill (Gharat). Many pilgrimage offer grains here as well.

Going further next major stop is Sundrasi, from Sundrasi there are two routed one by Bharon Ghati and other through the glaciers. One through the glacier is easier one and majority of the pilgrims follow this route. While you take this route make sure not to keep going and not stop for longer duration as oxygen level is less here.

Its from there that you can first get the view of Gauri Kund.  At Gauri Kund only women are permitted to take bath not males. From Gauri Kund the Manimahesh lake is around 1.5 kilometres. We reached at ManiMahesh lake in the evening and first view of the pavitra lake left us speechless. It was a great feeling. Though we're disappointed as the Kailash parvat was hidden behind the clouds. There we booked a tent for overnight stay, changes our clothes etc and they got wet due to rain. Thereafter we spend some time in the shelter of a babaji and warmed our bodies with the wood fire. We spend some 1 hour there and far a moment we get a first look of a small portion of the Manimahesh Kailash.

We wake up early in the morning and many people were already chanting mantras of lord Shiva from aroud 3:30 am. We had a great experience to experience of Kailash Darshan in the early morning. The Darshan of ManiMahesh lake are for moments and cloud keep covering and uncovering the Kailash peak. You can take a dip in the lake offer the prayers and complete the parikrama of the lake.

Kailash Darshan at Manimahesh and the complete Manimahesh Yatra is no doubt one of the best experience of my life. There you forget everything. Its something hard to explain but to cherish forever.

I'm posting some pictures of our Manimahesh Yatra, hope you'll like the pictures. Please feel free to share this posts, add comments etc.  In case you've any questions please feel free to posts your questions and we'll be more than happy to assist in any way we can. Kindly send your questions to info@indiatemples.co.in or visit our site.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

How to Perform Garhwali Chardham From South India!

Performing Garhwali Chardham can be challenging job when it comes to perform from South India. Garhwal Char Dham Tour is not that easy for South Indian people to perform as it is for North Indian people. The way of organizing Chardham tour is quite different for them. Here you can see some good tips and ideas to perform conveniently Garhwal Chardham yatra from South India.

If you are an Indian, then certainly you are familiar with Chardham yatra and also its significance in the life of Indians. Chardham Yatra which is one of the most important spiritual journeys has a great value in Hindu mythology. To help people to perform this yatra in easy way, there is several tour packages that include everything which one require on a Chardham tour. For South Indian people, the Garhwali Chardham package is being designed in such a specific way.

The journey to Chardham Yatra from South India starts from Bangalore which is a famous city in south India and also lasts at the same destination. People living in Bangalore as well as other parts of South India show great interest in performing this Yatra. Offering their heartedly prayers at four pilgrimages of Chardham – Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri gives devotees a great spiritual peace. So, if you don’t want to get into any kind of mess during your Chardham tour, then do get a good tour package and enjoy this devotional tour.

Although, there are many ways to successfully complete this yatra, but the most convenient way is first to reach at Delhi from Bangalore. For this journey, you can get rails or flights easily. Choose any transportation that suits you and your budget and after that, you can move to further Chardham destinations. To complete this tour, you can use a bus, car, cab or anything which can be hired from Delhi.

If you wish to complete this tour via bus travel, then the bus will cover several beautiful and religious places such as Haridwar, Yamunotri, Mussoorie, Uttarkashi, Gangotri, Harsil, Srinagar, Tehri Dam, Gaurikund, Rudraprayag, Chopta, Guptkashi, Chamoli, Devprayag, Joshimath, Rishikesh, Gopeshwar etc. All these place are so beautiful and having great spiritual value. The environment and beauty at these places is par excellence. So, Chardham yatra will offer you a time to collect some good memories around the most fascinating destinations in India.

To get Garhwali Chardham Yatra package, tourists can take help of the web where several companies serve excellent tour package options. Choose your package and get ready for a memorable journey now.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Phuket Charter Boats offering you a Phuket holiday in style

All of us know that Phuket is one of the top tourism attractions and is visited by thousands of visitors from all around the globe every year. There are many unspoilt beaches around Phuket and the best way for travel, sightseeing and explore these beaches is using boat or yacht charters. At Phuket you can enjoy sailing tours in style by hiring crewed yachts, bare boats, motor yachts etc for a catamaran cruise.

Phuket boat charter presents you a perfect vacation with unforgettable memories.  The experience captain and crew over the boat know the local water very well and sail you through the waters presenting a spectacular view of the beaches. In the crewed yachts you’d have an experienced chef to serve you quality and delicious food. The beaches in Phuket are not only famous for picturesque beauty, clear waters and white sand beaches but also for its flora, fauna and the marine life. You can enjoy scuba diving, snorkelling, kayaking, windsurfing, fishing, learn sailing etc.  There are many sights, national parks, caves etc to visit as well.

There is a wide range of yacht charters available in Phuket, giving you the freedom to choose the boat of your choice for the sailing trip. With boat charters you also get a complete flexibility of a customised itinerary.  Here are some other highlights of Phuket Charter Boats:

  • English speaking captain who is fully licensed, trained and experienced to guide you safely throughout the day.
  • Quiet flexible and can arrange for any options like scuba diving, sightseeing, water sports, customization of the trip etc.
  • Personal chef
  • Scuba and snorkelling equipment
  • Additional travel insurance.
  • Lots of destinations choice like Phuket, Phang Nga, Krabi, Similan Islands, Koh Phi Phi , Butang Group and more.
How to book a boat charter in Phuket: You can simply search for various yacht charters in Phuket and make a reservation. In case you want to book in advance, have any queries or need assistance for accommodation booking etc you can contact us or visit http://www.phuketcharterboat.com. Please feel free to share this article, post tour comments as it’s important for our business and helps us to serve you better.

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Private villas in Phuket for Rent

Phuket is no doubt one of the top tourism locations in the world. Every year thousands of tourists visit this beautiful country and spending holidays, honeymoon and travel this paradise. Phuket is also my top choice for travel and that’s the reason you can find many posts about Phuket already this World Travel Information blog. 

For a single person travelling alone hotel or resort can be a good option however when you are travelling with family or in a group, then Villas are the most convenient, affordable and the best way to enjoy the holidays in peace, safety and luxury.  The best part is that you enjoy the privacy, freedom and flexibility.  There are more added advantages of staying in villas like flexible check in/out times, personal chef, self catering, indoor outdoor dining, more entertainment options, private gardens, pools etc.  Also food and beverages costs around 60 to 75% less in a villa as compared to hotels.
When in Phuket you can easily find some very good private villas full of all the luxuries you need for a magical holiday experience in Phuket. Villas in Phuket for rent are available in nearly all the famous beach locations and all you need to do is make your choice for a villa to rent in Phuket. Majority of the villas offer you a personal chef who is available to make the food of your choice and prepares your food with fresh vegetable etc for you.  If you are staying with the kids then you can find kids playing areas, DVDs, games etc without any extra costs. You can get wide choice of private villas in Phuket like Pool villas, golf villas etc. Depending upon your preferences you can book the villa in Phuket and enjoy the stay in luxury, comfort, privacy and securely.  In case you are planning a holiday in Phuket and need some assistance about the locations, places to visits, activities or villa rental, just visit the site http://www.privatevillasphuket.com or let us know and we’d be happy to assist you.

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mauritius as told by Guide Madhuri

I recently got chance to visit Mauritius in the month of October 2013. Trust me Mauritius is one of the best place for spending a holiday specially your honeymoon. Even non-honeymooners would love to visit this place. Such is the charm of the natural beauty and hospitality of the people here that you’d like to visit this place again and again in future.

Our trip was through the travel portal Makemytrip and they have made a wonderful arrangement of our 7 days trip to Mauritius. Staff of makemytrip was very professional especially Nidhi, who was responsible for making the booking like air tickets, hotel vouchers etc. She explained things nicely and was very patient to my questions that were sometimes stupid as well. I’d some communication gap from the operations team but they delivered the e-tickets, hotel vouchers etc well in time as they have promised. So I’d say the team of Makemytrip deserve a good ratings.

Our flight was early in the morning at 7:30 am from Indira Gandhi International airport. The flight is operated jointly by Air Mauritius and Indian Airlines. Flight was of around 7 hours. When you reach near Port Luis international airport named Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport  you got to take the first look of Mauritius from the air and you  are left amazed. Clear blue waters, green mountains and lots of sugarcane fields is all that you see.

Visa on Arrival: Since tourism is one of the main industry in Mauritius you easily get the visa on arrival, all you need is to show the return tickets and hotel vouchers. In case you don’t have a hotel reservation done you might need to show enough of enough currency of around 50$ a day per person.  In any case visa if free and can be obtained on arrival.

Hotel and Beach Resorts in Mauritius: Our stay was at the Jasla Beach resort, and its a nice resorts along the sea. Seaside holidays  cab picked us from the airport and we reached the beach resort after around 2 hours drive along the sea, it was a wonderful experience no signs of fatigue. I remember we were three couples travelling and all were busy clicking the pics and roads and driving there is excellent quality. We never knew when we reached the resort. We got a warm welcome at Jalsa resort, we spend the evening walking around the beach and our itinerary was there was the complete week with us. Next day cab driver Vicky was there to pick us for first day sightseeing and our tour guide Madhuri joned us on the way. Madhuri is an excellent guide who explained all the day’s activities nicely, she told us about history of maurituis and details of the places we visited like the sleeping volcanoes, Shiva temple, Ganga Talao, Grand Bassin, Chamarel etc. Special thanks to Madhuri for the sweets that she offered us on the Diwali eve. Madhuri you made our first Deewali at Maurituis special.

We enjoyed lots of beach activities like under sea walk, scuba diving, para sailing. Also trip to the Casela natural park was great.